Dividend information

Please note, the below value is calculated in Great British Pence.

Shareholder Dividends

Dividends and UK Income Tax

You may get a dividend payment if you own shares in a company.

You don’t pay tax on the first £2,000 of dividends you get in the tax year (from 6 April to 5 April the following year).

Above this allowance the tax you pay depends on which Income Tax band you’re in. Add your income from dividends to your other taxable income when working this out. You may pay tax at more than one rate.

The rules are different for dividends from tax years before April 2018.

Tax Band  Tax rate on dividends over £2,000
Basic rate 7.5%
Higher rate 32.5%
Additional rate        38.1%

If you have any tax queries, please contact a financial advisor for advice.

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