Our promise to you

We’re really proud of what makes us RB. Our open and flexible culture means we’re all free to make an impact. We’re united through the shared belief that everyone, everywhere should be free to enjoy Healthier Lives and Happier Homes. It’s a big ambition and we’re determined to make it happen. Our vibrant work-places around the world provide space for people to grow as individuals whilst working dynamically across diverse teams.

The concept of freedom is in our DNA. It’s something we want to celebrate. Freedom to succeed represents that celebration. It’s a movement that captures the essence of who we are. It sums up our ambitious and bold approach to working and winning together. It’s what drives us to keep trying when we face challenge. We, always aim higher to make a real difference to the world we live in.

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Make a difference on a global scale

Our brands make a difference to millions of people every day. We are always looking for ways to improve because we believe every person on our planet should have healthier lives and happier homes. Our brands are a platform for your ideas; a launchpad for your career. The possibilities are endless. If you share our core values of responsibility, ownership, entrepreneurship, achievement and partnership, are positive, ambitious and driven by purpose, you can help make a difference on a global scale.

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Make an impact

Becky says freedom is one of the reasons she values working at RB, especially when it comes to making her own decisions and having impact on her team. “As a leader, my job is to instil confidence, create a vision and really push for brave and bold decisions – and in healthcare, it’s even more important they’re right for the longer term”.

Empower my team

Marketing Director, Umar believes that people come first at RB. “Freedom to succeed is part of RB culture. We are passionate about empowering people and giving them full autonomy and accountability. We take care of the people so the business takes care of itself.”

Take responsibility

Rory finds the RB value of responsibility inspiring. “It’s like a guiding force. The One Young World Summit in 2018 opened my eyes to the importance acting with purpose and responsibility. Having a sense of purpose gives you a different perspective on your work; it’s what motivates you to get out there and use the power of the brand to make a difference.”

Find your function

Your career with RB can be as diverse and wide-ranging as you want it to be.

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Kick start your career

We give our graduates the space to shine and the support they need to shape their career

Freedom. It’s a word you’ll hear a lot at RB. As a graduate, you’ll be given the freedom to explore ideas and test your entrepreneurial spirit from day 1. Freedom to make your mark and succeed. Freedom to advance, quickly. 

Better. That’s another word we use here. Just because you’ve finished your studies, doesn’t mean you’ll stopped learning. We’re looking for graduates who will push themselves to be better – every day; creating better solutions to help consumers live happier, healthier lives; working with colleagues to find better ways of doing things.