The Future Consumer

The Future Consumer

RB and the Future Laboratory forecast the next two decades in consumer health.

Imagine a future where personalised prescriptions can be 3D printed in your living room, or ingestible smart pills remind you when to take your medicine. This future could be nearer than you think.

Over the next two decades, accelerating demographic, cultural and technological shifts will fundamentally alter both the lives and the health needs of consumers across the globe.

Hyper-connected, highly-urbanised and accustomed to radical levels of convenience, changing consumer lifestyles, needs and expectations will create both challenges and opportunities for healthcare. Meanwhile, accelerating population growth, as well as ageing populations, and the resulting increase in patient numbers, will create a heightened need for innovation across the healthcare industry.

Bridging the gap between consumers’ expectation of living extended lives in an optimal state of well-being, with increasing complexity of healthcare due to significant lifestyle and environmental changes, will be key to the future of human prosperity from pre-birth to old age. Ultimately, this quest for optimisation is a quest to be more human.

That’s why we worked with The Future Laboratory to explore the social, cultural and technological forces that will define consumer health and healthcare solutions over the next two decades from the earliest point of life to later life.

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What this report makes abundantly clear is that healthcare needs are now too big, too numerous and too complex to be met by one entity behind closed doors. Instead we must evolve our approach to innovation and explode disciplinary and organisational silos to drive collaboration in the healthcare market. This report is not just bedtime reading. It is our call to arms for academics, entrepreneurs, SMEs and innovators to partner with us, innovate in these areas and improve the health and well-being of consumers at every stage of their lives

Dave Challis, VP Innovation

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