Nachhaltigkeit als Leitbild für Design und Innovationen

SuNachhaltige Produkte sind Teil unserer DNA: um zu helfen, zu heilen und zu pflegen – geleitet von der Vision, eine saubere, gesündere Welt zu schaffen. In diesem Sinn betrachten wir Nachhaltigkeit als eins unserer wichtigsten Designkriterien bereits ab den ersten Schritten innovativer Produktentwicklungen. Wir haben uns verpflichtet, bis Ende 2020 ein Drittel unseres Nettoumsatzes mit nachhaltigeren Produkten zu erwirtschaften.

Ein weltweites Netzwerk von Sustainability Champions arbeitet kontinuierlich an weiteren Verbesserungen unserer Produkte und gestaltet sie umwelt- und recyclingfreundlicher. Außerdem entwickeln unsere Sustainability Champions gesündere, nachhaltigere und weniger umweltbelastende Neuprodukte.


des Nettoumsatzes 2020 mit nachhaltigeren Produkten


des Nettoumsatzes 2019 mit nachhaltigeren Produkten

Ohne unser Geschäft mit Säuglings- und Kinderernährung.

2019 RB Sustainability Insights front cover

Nachhaltige Innovationen

Nachhaltigkeit vorant



We are committed to developing products that make a difference – using fewer, more sustainable materials during manufacturing and requiring less energy and water during use. Recognising that product development is a key phase of the life cycle, we launched RB’s Sustainable Innovation Calculator App in 2013.

The App enables us to make better-informed development decisions by comparing impacts of new products against existing benchmarks, such as our carbon footprint, water impact or ingredients. With 24.6% of our portfolio already meeting the criteria for being more sustainable than their predecessors, by the end of 2020 we aim to generate at least one-third of our Net Revenue from more sustainable products.

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For Veo, our new probiotics cleaning brand in the US, we talk as much about what’s not in it, as what is. The 99% biodegradable formula is free from chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, phosphates, and disinfectant chemicals – and uses active probiotics similar to the live bacteria you can find in supplements for gut health.

In Veo, the probiotic bacteria works on dirt for up to three days, with less environmental impact than traditional chemicals. Veo’s bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and its sleeve can be easily removed so that the bottle can be recycled again.

When it comes to laundry cleaners, consumers have historically had to choose between efficacy and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. However, we have launched a new range of natural cleaners, Botanical Origin, which perform just as well as conventional products.

Instead of using petrol-based cleaning agents, the brand has found and chosen botanical sourced ones, with Botanical Origin’s unique NatureClean formula comprising up to 95% botanically sourced ingredients, that ensure equivalent performance.