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Launched in England in the 1920s, Harpic toilet bowl cleaner has been successfully developed and is now in 47 countries. Harpic provides a full range of liquid toilet bowl cleaners, tablets, wipes, toilet bowl blocks, cistern blocks.




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Harpic offers a comprehensive range of toilet care products and is recognised across the globe for quality and value.

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Harpic is one of the leading brands in a competitive market. We maintain our edge by listening to consumers and innovating to make their lives better. We’re always looking for like-minded individuals.

Did you know that in India, more people have access to cell phones than toilets?

Harpic has partnered with the World Toilet Organisation and The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance to launch the world's first Toilet College.  The World Toilet College aims to teach everything from toilet building to how to keep toilets clean to equipping students with an entrepreneurial mind-set for marketing clean sanitation standards.

In partnership with the Swades Foundation for Rural Empowerment, 25,000 toilets have been built in the Raigarh District of India.