RB’s accumulated donation exceeds RMB 55 million

February 14, 2020  Parsippany, NJ – MJN announces an additional RMB 5 million cash donation to support expectant mothers in Hubei Province, on top of the RMB 50 million donation by RB previously announced to combat the Coronavirus outbreak in China.


There are around 9,950 newborns in Wuhan City every month. As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, expectant mothers in Wuhan city and Hubei Province are facing unprecedented critical challenges in terms of medical care, personal prevention, child-care and nutrition supplies.


Last week, Dettol, the trusted household disinfectant brand of RB committed to protecting consumer families’ health, donated RMB 50 million in cash and antibacterial products to help stop the spread of respiratory infections.


MJN’s donation is focused on initiating an all-around aid program ‘Embrace Life’ in partnership with China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF), Chunyu Doctor, and NCP volunteer network to support the vulnerable expectant mothers in Hubei Province. The donation will address the unmet needs of this specific vulnerable group and support them through this tough period so that they can have a safe and healthy birth.


Embrace Life aims to coordinate all possible health care resources to provide critical aid and support to expectant mothers in Hubei Province. The support ranges from the coordination of a green channel to hospitals for pregnancy check-ups, bed-secure service in clinics, adequate and balanced nutrition, relief bags, diagnosis of newborns of infected mothers, and online and offline psychological intervention for expectant mothers in Wuhan City and Hubei Province.


Expectant mothers in other regions across China will also be supported by providing an online medical consulting service and online health care educational programs to enhance their knowledge in combating coronavirus, relieve their anxiety, enhance their psychological security and reduce their unnecessary exposure to hospitals under current circumstances.


Commenting on the donation, MJN Greater China Area CEO, Enda Ryan said: “Driven by the company’s Purpose of ‘Empower mums to nourish the best start in life’, we have been keeping a close eye on the outbreak and particularly the impact on expectant moms and babies. We are mobilising our global resources and nutrition expertise to support expectant mums in China to address the challenges and we will do whatever we can to support expectant mums for the best start in life for their babies.”


Wang Jianguo, Chief Operating Officer, Chunyu Doctor, said: “Since the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, Chunyu Doctor has established online consulting services – providing free, professional medical consultation and psychological counseling services to help alleviate the anxiety and pressure. Maternal and Child is a special group that requires continued support during the Coronavirus outbreak. Chunyu Doctor is glad to join the efforts with CCTF and MJN to contribute to maternal and infant health.”


China Children and Teenagers’ Fund commented: “It’s important to focus on the vulnerable expectant mothers' group in combating Coronavirus. With nutrition expertise, MJN has effectively coordinated its resources to support expectant mothers in need through the ‘Embrace Life’ Program to help ensure the health and safety of the expectant mothers and their babies.”