K-Y Duration™ Spray for Men is Coming Soon, So You Don’t Have To.

Men usually like to finish first, but finishing first in the bedroom is one exception. In fact, the majority of men want to last longer in bed (89%) and more than 80 percent admitted they’ve finished before they wanted.¹ Most men don’t talk about the issue openly and instead resort to unconventional methods – such as using mental distractions like baseball or their grandmother – to avoid finishing too soon. Today, K-Y, the trusted leader in the sexual well-being category, is helping men last longer, stay in the moment and ditch the distractions with the launch of new K-Y Duration™ Spray for Men.

New K-Y Duration Spray for Men is an endurance enhancer that temporarily prolongs the time until ejaculation, without sacrificing pleasure or physical stimulation for men and their partners. Ultimately helping lead to better sex for both parties, K-Y Duration helps delay orgasm during intimacy, allowing him to enjoy sustained arousal while giving his partner longer-lasting pleasure. The new spray is formulated with lidocaine, which has been approved by the FDA as safe and effective, and helps men remain aroused longer with just three to ten sprays.

“The K-Y brand is helping to bring couples intimately closer with the introduction of new K-Y Duration by opening up the conversation around premature ejaculation (PE) and helping to normalize it,” said Karen Chisholm, K-Y Marketing Director. “If a man has ever wanted to last longer, he may have experienced PE. It is more common than one would think. In fact, more men experience PE than erectile dysfunction.²”

The K-Y brand knows couples can create better overall connected relationships through improved emotional and sexual intimacy. In fact, 81 percent of couples say it’s important for them to climax with their partner to feel connected and close,¹ which can be challenging because men and women don’t always have the perfect timing between the sheets.

“Worrying about climaxing too soon can cause pressure or stress that lead men to disconnect during times of intimacy,” said renowned relationship therapist and sex educator, Dr. Laura Berman. “Distractions during sex can impact relationships and take away from the pleasurable moment, causing less physical and emotional connectedness between partners.”

More than 80 percent of men have used tricks like ‘stopping and starting’ or ‘changing positions’ and mental distractions like thinking about baseball (40%) or an elderly woman such as their grandmother (24%) to delay orgasm. K-Y Duration helps men control how long they last, eliminating the need for unconventional methods and allowing them to stay in the moment.

Visit k-y.com or text KY to 695193 for more information on K-Y Duration.

New K-Y Duration is currently available at select drugstores (SRP $24.99 for 36 spray bottle) and will be available nationwide as well as online at k-y.com andamazon.com.


An extensive national marketing campaign supporting the introduction of new K-Y Duration kicks off this month. The campaign addresses the PE conversation with disruptive, tongue-in-cheek television, online and Out of Home advertising creative.

The campaign, created in partnership with Havas New York, launches two TV spots that play off the insight that men rely on stereotypical distractions, like baseball and their grandmas, to slow themselves down in the bedroom. In the spots, viewers see what happens when these distractions are no longer needed with the usage of K-Y Duration. An online video “Locker Room” tackles another universal truth that every guy has experienced the feeling of not lasting as long as they would have liked; but no one wants to acknowledge it. The humorous video plays out the issue with men outwardly and casually discussing their own experiences with PE, just like they would about last night’s football game, diminishing any sort of stigma associated with the commonplace issue.

The launch efforts are rounded out with an extensive Out of Home push in key markets including New York City and Las Vegas. K-Y Duration billboards, subway ads, and taxi TVs will bring the message to life with contextually relevant lines like “Don’t Get Off Too Soon” and “Arrive on Time.”

“Our marketing campaign reveals a new, bold side of the K-Y brand,” said Karen Chisholm. “By infusing humor and cleverness in our creative, we are helping to destigmatize a sensitive topic and provide an effective alternative to the unreliable distraction techniques men commonly use today.”

To complement the advertising, K-Y recently took to the streets of New York City to ask consumers to take the PE Challenge in efforts to continue to conversation around PE and show how men can last longer in bed. Participants in the PE Challenge engaged with a vending machine that was powered by decibels rather than money and gave out prizes based on how loudly men can admit they have premature ejaculation. An online video of the PE Challenge is available at youtube.com/kybrand.

About K-Y

The K-Y brand is a leader in sexual well-being and intimacy committed to helping couples strengthen their connection through increased sexual intimacy. With more than 100 years of experience, K-Y is the brand most trusted by both couples and doctors, providing products for intimate and pleasurable experiences.

1 Survey conducted online within the United States by Hauser & Associates on behalf of K-Y from 8/23/16 – 8/30/16 among 1,000 adults ages between 25-54 years old.

2 Montague DK, Jarow J, Broderick GA, et al; AUA Erectile Dysfunction Guideline Update Panel. AUA guideline on the pharmacologic management of premature ejaculation. J Urol. 2004;172(1):290-294.

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