RB Announces Expanded Parental Leave Policy – Industry-leading program reflects commitment to diverse workforce

RB, a leading consumer health and hygiene company and the maker of popular brands including Lysol, Mucinex, and Clearasil, announced today a significant expansion of its global parental leave policy. Effective late 2015, all RB employees, including the more than 2,200 employees in the United States, will benefit from a new, fully paid 16-week, parental leave policy.

The expanded program was developed to better support RB's global workforce and their families, and reflects the company's culture which encourages a healthy work-life balance. The policy also supports RB's ongoing initiatives to ensure talent density at mid- and senior-level positions.

"At RB, we support a creative and entrepreneurial culture that helps our employees realize their professional goals quickly, while also balancing the demands of a happy and healthy home and family. The decision to expand our parental leave program was an important one, particularly for our employees residing in the U.S., to ensure we can continue to support our employees across all aspects of their lives," said Alexander Lacik, president of RB North America. "Our people are at the heart of what make RB and our culture so special. This new policy is simply one way we can remind them of that."

This new parental leave policy places RB as a leader among CPG industry employers in the United States. In addition to the expanded paid leave, RB announced that employees can take up to an additional 36 weeks unpaid parental leave, fathers who are not primary caregivers will receive one weeks' paternity leave at full pay, and it has introduced a mentoring program for women returning from maternity leave.

"Celebrating and empowering employees in all aspects of their career at RB will allow us to continue attracting and retaining the top talent in our industry," said Emanuele Celani, director of Human Resources for RB North America. "This policy is an exciting expansion of the RB benefits package that reflects our innovative and supportive culture."