Air Wick Launches First and Only Room Mist with a Multi-Layered Fragrance Technology that Delivers Vibrant and Dynamic Scent Experiences

Picture being at the beach, closing your eyes and taking in the scent of the seascape. You smell a fresh spritz of sea air, the warm sun hitting the wooden boardwalk and a sweet vanilla milkshake passing you by. All of these scents are distinctive and yet together, make up the relaxing scent of your favorite seaside escape. This is just one of the scent experiences offered by Air Wick® Life Scents® Room Mists collection, the first and only premium range that delivers a multi-layered, true-to-life fragrance, designed to make consumers feel multidimensional scent experiences. The Life Scents collection has a unique fragrance technology that delivers each scent note distinctly and separately, allowing consumers to experience multidimensional fragrances at home. The new mist spray features a more comfortable, user-friendly ergonomic trigger and design, as compared to any previous offerings.

"The experience of smelling Life Scents is similar to the experience of hearing surround sound," said Maui Valdes, Air Wick Marketing Director. "Surround sound enhances the way you experience music and entertainment by creating a natural, multidimensional sonic environment based on the science of how humans hear. Life Scents enhances the way you experience fragrance in the home based on the science of how we smell, delivering multi-layered scent experiences you find in nature and life, like the fresh, floral smell of just cut grass, country orchard apples and sweet flowers on first day of spring."

Unlike traditional aerosols, which have a single fragrance or a blend of fragrances, Air Wick Life Scents Room Mists create a multi-layered environment of three distinct scent notes that are easily experienced on their own; however, these notes also work together to provide one harmonious, multidimensional fragrance experience that is unique and personal.

"Research shows that consumers are disappointed with the artificial fragrances associated with traditional aerosols, so the innovation behind the new Air Wick Life Scents Room Mist offers a vibrant alternative with a true-to-life fragrance experience that gives consumers a more authentic experience," said Valdes.

The new range of Air Wick Life Scents Room Mists include the following fragrances:

• Sunny Morning Linen – Bring home the clean scent of white linen kissed by morning sun, together with a hint of soft apple blossoms.
• Paradise Retreat – Treat yourself to a touch of paradise with your very own retreat with fresh coconut, sweet almond blossom and traces of cherry.
• Sweet Lavender Days – Bring the radiant freshness of wild lavender into your home with soft lavender petals, bright red currants and sweet spun sugar.
• Fresh Sparkling Waterfall – Discover the fresh burst of a sparkling mountain waterfall, blended with aromas of wild berries and rare blue sage.
• Seaside Escape – Escape to the soothing surroundings of your favorite seaside with the scents of refreshing morning sea air, a sweet vanilla milkshake and sun-drenched boardwalk.
• First Day of Spring – Awaken your home with a burst of springtime magic with this fresh, floral scent of just cut grass, country orchard apples and spring flowers.