How we ensure the safety and quality of our products

As a global manufacturer, we want to make high-quality products that consumers can trust. That means the ingredients must be safe for people who use our products and the environment; and that the information we provide is comprehensive, clear and honest.

These focuses are deeply ingrained into our thinking and practice, and we build quality throughout the product lifecycle. We are aiming for 100% transparency on ingredients, through both clear product labelling and online information.

Our ambitions


Compliance with our restricted substances list


Ingredient transparency

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Product stewardship – ingredients and transparency

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We’ve established global internal policies for our ingredients that go beyond legal requirements.

Our Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance (SQRC) function oversees the implementation of these across the product life cycle, monitoring and reporting any problems and providing safety insights to our product development teams.

Beyond transparency, we continue to champion the adoption of safer and more sustainable chemicals and participated in the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) for the second year running.

The CFP enables us to benchmark our progress on chemical management and we’re proud to say that we scored 73.5%, a 20% improvement compared with 2018. This was driven by our increased transparency, external partnerships for safe and effective alternatives, and closer partnerships with key suppliers.

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice label promotes the use of safer chemicals in the home.

We have been a Safer Choice partner since 2009, with the 2019 award recognising the outreach and education campaign over the previous year. All 50 US states have now adopted Safer Choice labelling for antimicrobial products, helping consumers to find safer antimicrobial products much more easily.

Ingredient management is a key part of our product stewardship and safeguarding consumers. We take a global approach, controlling the use of known ingredients of potential concern through a Restricted Substances List and promoting the selection of safer, more sustainable alternatives.

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