We have a responsibility to implement appropriate policies and procedures, and to ensure compliance with our policies, at all times. We have created this database of policies and reports to communicate our position in a number of key areas.

Please refer to our Nutrition Pledge for our overarching commitments in the infant and child nutrition area.

Our Nutrition Pledge

Breast-Milk Substitute Marketing Policy

We are proud to publish our first Breast-Milk Substitute Marketing Policy (BMS Marketing Policy), effective 30 April 2018.

Our BMS Marketing Policy acknowledges the importance and supports the aims and principles of the World Health Organisation (WHO) 1981 International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes, and outlines our mandatory marketing practices to ensure we support a mother’s choice and ability to breastfeed her infant in line with the recommendations as outlined by the WHO.

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Progress and reporting

An interactive overview of our progress in BMS practices over the period 2017 to 2020with links to our Pledge, BMS Policy, reporting and more:

RB and BMS Progress

As part of our governance mandate, we employ a number of monitoring activities, to ensure the proper implementation of, and compliance with the BMS Marketing Policy. One of the monitoring activities deployed, is conducting independent verification audits.

External reporting honours our commitment to transparency and engagement, and we have pledged to publicly report on BMS progress, the results of the independent verification audits and our response and corrective action plan, where necessary.

BMS Progress Report 2019

RB's Response and Corrective Action Plan - Mexico and Malaysia

RB Malaysia Assurance Statement

RB Mexico Assurance Statement

BMS Progress Reporting 2018

RB's Response to Globalisation Monitor Report - March 2019

RB's Response and Corrective Action Plan - Philippines

RB Philippines Assurance Statement

IBFAN Response and Action Plan

RB Response to Save the Children

Additional Information

RB’s Acknowledgement of the Breastmilk Substitute Call to Action

RB Responsible Advocacy Policy

Membership of Infant and Young Child Associations Map

RB Access to Nutrition Statement

Our commitment to auditing and transparency on BMS