Making a splash with water savings for our customers

Water is an increasingly precious resource. As our changing climate becomes more volatile, global demand for safe water will continue to grow. We are committed to reducing water impacts and helping communities have access to clean water and sanitation.

We are continuing to improve our water-efficiency in manufacturing, but many of our biggest wins are now in reducing the amount of water needed to use with our products. 84% of our water impact is attributable to consumer use. For example, reformulation of Finish Eco Dishwater Detergent Gels enables less water to be used in the wash. Savings like this add up to make a big difference to our global impact, as well as making better hygiene achievable in water-scarce areas.


Reduction in water use per dose of RB product vs 2012

Excludes IFCN.


Reduction in water use per unit manufactured vs 2012

Manufacturing and warehousing only. Excludes IFCN.


Of our water impact is attributable to consumer use

2019 RB Sustainability Insights front cover

Water resources

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Case studies

In response to the Australia’s devastating droughts, our Finish team in Australia initiated the #FinishWaterWaste campaign. Kicking-off in September 2019 in partnership with Rural Aid, it encouraged consumers to pledge to stop pre-rinsing their dishwasher loads, saving 40L of water per dishwasher load.

This is matched by Finish donating 40L of water to rural communities in need. The campaign has got people talking about saving water and raised their awareness of this critical issue. In the wake of the extensive bushfires and drought, the #FinishWaterWaste campaign will continue in 2020 in even bolder ways.

An innovative water treatment solution at our Shangma plant in China has resulted in 50,000 cubic metres of water being recycled, equivalent to 100 million bottles of water. The ‘dipping wastewater’, which usually cannot be recycled, is ran through a membrane using reverse osmosis.

This gives the water a new lease of life, allowing us to use it in our cooling towers, with enough recycled to meet our annual requirements of 31,000 cubic metres. This is another step forward in our aim to pursue zero effluent discharge.

To complement the Indian Government’s efforts to conserve water resources, we have launched Mission Paani. The project, currently in pilot, is intended to generate nation-wide awareness, behavioural change and promote action for protecting and conserving water. The project will work in communities to identify ways to build a culture of water consciousness; develop a baseline of household water availability, water sources and consumption, against which we can measure improvement; and find ways to reduce wasteful use of water.

In Turkey, our Finish brand worked with National Geographic to produce a documentary titled ‘25 Litres’. The film posed the challenge of living with only 25 litres a day and aimed to raise consumer awareness about water scarcity. We also partnered on a range of other water projects, from revitalising Lake Kuyucuk in Turkey, to working with supermarkets to emphasise the importance of managing water resources.