Health and safety


We’re committed to the health, safety and welfare of all employees and managed staff within the workplace. We achieve this by ensuring our facilities and people comply with applicable Health and Safety legal requirements, implementing continual improvements to our health and safety control arrangements and setting proactive leading targets for a healthier and safer workplace.


80%+ of those working in Supply facilities to make at least 1 documented safety action per month

33.8% reduction in Lost Work Day accident rates vs 2012

95% Reduction in Lost Work Day accidents since 2001

Safety goals

We are committed to achieving:

  • Zero fatalities and serious accidents
  • Continued reduction in Lost Work-Day accident rates
  • 100% of manufacturing sites with certified EHS management systems


Our approach is to embed clear global requirements in all areas of our operations, develop externally recognised management systems and have high-profile commitment from senior leaders.

Our approach to health & safety management is underpinned by our occupational health & safety policy, global standards, code of conduct and specific guidance based on risk. The importance of these standards is recognised by our senior management team and forms an integral part of our culture and betterbusiness strategy.

This has helped us develop best practice and make significant progress in Health and Safety since 2002.

Global initiatives include:

  • A behavioural safety programme targeting key accident trends
  • Process safety management programme to focus on catastrophic risk
  • Site-led annual safety weeks, including safety outside the workplace and effect of accidents on families

Looking forward

To highlight our commitment to health & safety, we continue to strengthen capacity and expertise of our health & safety teams to cater for our targeted ambition to continuously improve our internal knowledge, decision making and appropriate external benchmarking.

We also aim to increase the level of training received by RB employees to further enhance our overall safety performance.

New global standards will be launched to provide clarity on minimum expectations on areas of greatest risk across all manufacturing, warehouses, R&D facilities and commercial offices.

We are committed to continual improvement. This is led by:

Supply - continue to focus on the development of an Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Competence framework for managers, supervisors and EHS professionals.

R&D - global risk register has enabled us to identify and prioritise key risks, as well as build on existing controls and processes and we will continue to make use of this tool moving forward.

Commercial - continue to work with the individual office locations to deliver both compliance and safety awareness. Through the launch of dedicated action plans structured around key safety risks.