A diverse and global workforce

We value diverse backgrounds and experiences, which bring different perspectives and new ideas. Our Executive Committee (EC) is made up of seven nationalities and its members have had experience in multiple countries during their RB careers.

Our Top400 executives include 51 nationalities and more than two thirds of our general manager, marketing and sales leaders are working outside their country of origin.

International assignments are part of our way of life and range from the most strategic to the most operational roles. Being immersed in different cultures and ways of working helps our talent to challenge conventional thinking. We are confident that those who consistently succeed in these challenges become global leaders of distinction.

We recognise the importance of diversity. As a company we are making sustainable efforts to improve gender balance and female leadership development, engagement and retention across all functions and management levels at RB. Last year we launched Project DARE, which aims to develop, attract, retain and engage talented women. Initiatives include a leadership program developed for middle manager women, mentoring, options for flexible working and a global maternity policy, which sets a minimum standard and makes us one of only a handful of employers with such a policy.

In 2016, 700 females participated in project DARE forums, 200 female colleagues were assigned mentors and over 170 attended global maternity webinars, involving a mix of participants before or after maternity leave. A Stay in Touch Programme was also initiated with the aim of maintaining contact between RB and mothers or mothers-to-be.

Managing bias and inclusive leadership are now key awareness and capability building themes which form part of our leadership development and talent acquisition programs at all levels of management and run globally with approximately 1,000 managers taking part in these programmes each year.