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Oxy Co. Ltd, a local company in Korea, launched a Humidifier Sanitizer (HS) product in 1996. It was one of a number of companies involved in manufacturing HS products.

In March 2001, RB acquired Oxy Co. Ltd to become Oxy RB. In 2011, the Korean Centre for Disease Control (KCDC) released an announcement on the results of a study which suggested a link between HS products and reported lung and respiratory injuries and deaths. Following the KCDC announcement, Oxy RB began to voluntarily withdraw its HS product from the market. Oxy RB has since participated in all investigations to understand fully the HS issue and bring resolution to HS victims and their families.

Oxy RB has expressed its sincere apologies to all victims of the HS tragedy in Korea and stated absolutely its determination to do the right thing for the victims and their families.

Consumer safety remains Oxy RB’s number one priority and we have taken steps to review our safety and escalation processes so that something like this will never happen again.

Frequently Asked Questions

The products in question were humidifier sanitizers (HS) to prevent bacterial growth in indoor humidifiers. There were a number of different manufacturers that produced and sold HS products. Oxy RB HS products were only sold in Korea between 1996 and 2011.

Our apology

Oxy RB has apologized sincerely for the lung and respiratory injuries and deaths of Korean consumers resulting from Oxy RB’s HS product, and to our consumers and all members of Korean society for damaging their trust and confidence in us. We acknowledge how tragic this situation is and what a difficult time this is for all those involved and their families. We continue to devote significant time and attention towards putting things right in Korea.

Compensation Plan

Oxy RB acknowledges that the Oxy HS product caused enormous pain, grief and unbearable loss to victims and their families, and to Korean society.

2017 programme for HS victims


1994 - 2011

Product launch to recall

2012 - 2015

Government investigation

2016 - Present Day

Oxy RB accepted responsibility and provides compensation

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