RB and Save the Children


A global strategic partnership

Our partnership with Save the Children first launched in 2003, with a clear ambition.

Our ambition – remove diarrhoea as a top 5 cause of death among children under 5 by 2020.

Since 2003:

£30m raised

50% of this value raised by RB employees

1.5m children reached

In September 2015, our colleagues from around the world travelled to rural India with Save the Children. They brought health and hygiene knowledge and products to children there, and helped build and paint school facilities.

Global Challenge 2015

Save a Child a Minute – our stop diarrhoea signature programme

By harnessing RB’s entire business in programme support, innovation, research, brand initiatives and employee engagement, we have developed the Save a Child a Minute programme.

In this programme, RB and Save the Children have established signature programmes in India, Nigeria and Pakistan, so that we can lay the foundations for rollout of our model.

The challenge was to develop products with improve sanitation and health.

So we asked some of the world’s leading experts.

For the first time ever, RB has developed a multi-purpose soap that can be used by families for cleaning and washing hands, and a toilet powder to make the use of pit latrines more hygienic.

Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund

We are proud to be a key contributor and founding supporter of Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, enabling Save the Children to respond immediately to disasters around the world for the past ten years.

Within the past year, we’ve been able to provide aid to families who lost everything in the Nepal earthquakes, and to support refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria, ensuring children are protected as they make dangerous journeys, often alone.

The fund has also helped people affected by flooding in Mozambique and Malawi; it has protected children caught up in conflict in Yemen, Nigeria and Burundi and is helping drought-affected communities in Ethiopia after their harvests failed.