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Chief Executive's statement


2018 was a year of good financial performance, and significant strategic progress. We delivered the upper end of our 2018 Net Revenue targets and embedded RB 2.0.

Rakesh Kapoor Chief Executive Officer
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Our purpose is to make a difference by giving people innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. We believe passionately in doing things the right way and have a culture that pushes us to outperform, every day.

better business
Net Revenue £12.6bn +3% pro-forma' and LFL' growth
Reported growth 10%
Reported Earning Per Share (diluted) 304.8p -65%
Adjusted Earnings Per Share (diluted) 339.9p +5%
Total dividend for the year 170.7p +4%
Reported Gross Margin 60.6% -40bps'
Adjusted Operating Margin 26.7% +20bps on a pro-forma' basis -60 bps on a reported basis
Health 62% of RB Total Net Revenue
Hygiene Home 38% of RB Total Net Revenue
1 Definition of non-IFRS measures and their reconciliation to IFRS are shown on page 39.
better society
Net Revenue from more sustainable products 18.5%
People reached with health and hygiene messaging 765m
FTSE4Good Index membership 15 consecutive years, including meeting 20 additional Breast-Milk Substitute (BMS) criteria in 2018
better environment
Greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production 35% reduction since 2012
Water usage per unit of production 38% reduction since 2012

At a glance

  • Health
  • Hygiene Home

Creating a cleaner world

Our Hygiene Home business unit is bringing innovative solutions into 1 billion homes around the world by eliminating dirt, germs, pests and odours that impact health and happiness. We are also accelerating hygiene foundations across the world.

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£4,835m £4,887m
  • 2017
  • 2018
Net Revenue
  • LFL growth: +4%
  • Actual growth -1%
Net Revenue
  • LFL growth:+4%
  • Actual growth-1%

Innovative solutions to put health in your hands

Our Health business unit has a unique and compelling portfolio including IFCN, health relief, health hygiene, health and wellness and VMS, spanning the whole of life’s journey.

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£7,762m £6,562m
  • 2017
  • 2018
Net Revenue
  • LFL growth:+2%
  • Actual growth+18%
Net Revenue
  • LFL growth:+2%
  • Actual growth+18%

Business model

Our enablers

Our people and culture We employ outstanding people, who work in a unique culture that harnesses their passion and allows them to make a real difference
Our key brands We have a portfolio of global leading brands and other ‘local hero’ brands that offer faster growth and higher margins
Our knowledge and skills We have deep consumer understanding, proven R&D and innovation capabilities and an agile organisation, which gets products to markets fast
Our relationships We develop strong, trusted relationships with our customers, consumers, suppliers and communities, and our collaboration / alliances
Our infrastructure Our business is underpinned by strong manufacturing sites, R&D laboratories and logistics centres
Our financial strength Shareholders’ equity, debt and retained profit give us the financial resources to implement our strategy

Our focus on value creation

  • To make a difference by giving people innovative solutions for healthier and happier homes

    Through our purpose we aim to respond to trends and underserved needs within growing consumer markets, helping to tackle important global issues and support the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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  • better business

    How we outperform, through our focus on our brands, markets, people and creating a digitally connected company

    better society

    How we support our communities and drive quality and safety in all we do

    better environment

    How we reduce our environmental impact and ensure we source materials responsibly

  • Health Hygiene Home

The value we create

People 40k+ RB provides exciting and challenging careers, with excellent rewards for outstanding performance
Consumers 20m+ Products sold daily
Shareholders 132% Total Shareholder Return since 2012
Communities 765m people informed through health and hygiene initiatives
Customers Bricks and mortar and e-commerce Customers gain from selling our leading brands, which grows each category and drives customer value in relevant channels
Environment 61k tonnes of CO2e saved from the purchase and generation of renewable electricity

Key performance indicators

better business
  • Organisation and culture
    2016 20%
    2017 24%
    2018 25%
  • Lost Work Day Accident Rate (LWDAR)
    2015 0.080
    2016 0.071
    2017 0.121
    2018 0.084
better society
  • Purpose-led brands
    2015 237m
    2016 365m
    2017 568m
    2018 765m
  • Social impact investment
    2015 £6.5m
    2016 £8.0m
    2017 £10.5m
    2018 £14.4m
  • Product innovation
    2015 6.0%
    2016 13.2%
    2017 18.2%
    2018 18.5%
better environment
  • GHG emissions per unit of production
    2015 (14)%
    2016 (22)%
    2017 (31)%
    2018 (35)%
  • Carbon footprint per dose of product
    2015 1%
    2016 0%
    2017 (2)%
    2018 (4)%
    2015 1%
  • Water use per unit of production
    2015 (30)%
    2016 (32)%
    2017 (37)%
    2018 (38)%
  • Water impact per dose of product
    2015 (9)%
    2016 (6)%
    2017 (8)%
    2017 (8)%
    2018 4%
  • Sending zero waste to landfill
    2015 89%
    2016 97%
    2017 100%
    2018 93%
  • Manufacturing waste per unit of production
    2015 (15)%
    2016 (20)%
    2017 (21)%
    2018 (26)%