Embracing challenges

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We all share our sustainability challenges: they're global, they're interconnected and they’re intensifying. We understand that growth and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We're doing something about it.

Taking action

We've set real goals to achieve by 2020, goals that make a difference in real lives. We have a purpose-led strategy that charts a course for sustainable and responsible growth; it's called betterbusiness.

Better society

As the global leader of health, hygiene and home, we have a responsibility to change things for the better. We’re committed to improving the lives of those who work with us in any capacity and to making a difference in communities around the globe.




Better environment

The global challenges the world faces today are complex and universal. We're addressing these challenges by focusing the efforts of our people and products where we can make a difference: energy demand, raw material and deforestation, water scarcity, waste creation, hygiene and the difference we can make to our consumers and communities around the world.

We recognize the impact we make, and we are constantly changing and improving the way we manufacture and design our products to build a better future.

Greenhouse gas




From the field to the bedroom: Durex product life cycle

We look at the impact of all of the products we sell, across their entire lifecycle – from the sourcing of raw materials, to the way they are manufactured, used and disposed of. We do this so we can concentrate our efforts in the right places.

Recognition and partnerships

Reducing environmental impact and driving social change are at the heart of our betterbusiness strategy. This has been recognized by our peers and the media.  

Policies and reports

Our responsibility is to follow legislation and policy diligently. We’ve created this database of policies and reports to communicate our position on a comprehensive range of issues.