RB Partners with MassChallenge Boston to Tackle Non-Medical Alternatives for the Millions Affected by Pain

Parsippany and Boston, October 25, 2018-- As a clear signal of its commitment to cutting edge innovation, RB, a global leading consumer health company, has signed a partnership with MassChallenge Boston, part of a global network of zero-equity start-up accelerators which bring together corporations, policy makers, and innovation leaders to support and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Boston's thriving health technology ecosystem is solving some of the biggest challenges that face healthcare organizations, providers, and patients today. To kick off the partnership, RB is working with MassChallenge to find solutions in areas, such as everyday pain, which could affect the lives of millions of people.

Dave Challis, VP Innovation at RB says: “We are consumer-driven. To us, innovation doesn’t just mean formulating new products, it means partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs who can take science and translate it into a solution that will make a difference in people’s lives. The suboptimal treatment options for  pain, a persistent problem for those who experience it, is something MassChallenge and RB are now firmly focusing on solving together.”

Pain is an enormous problem globally. Estimates suggest that 20 percent of adults suffer, and 10 percent are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year.[i] There is a fundamental paradigm shift in the way pain is being viewed today – less of a symptom of disease and more of a disease state. It now needs to be a public health priority and RB, with a strong heritage in pain management, has the potential to do so with speed and scale.

Dirk Hondmann, Chief Scientific Officer at RB, says: “As the global health landscape shifts towards illness prevention and wellness, having a strong innovation pipeline of early warning and preventative solutions is the goal for RB and is crucial to delivering real-world solutions. The challenges we’re looking to address are big, global health issues. With a growing and aging population, and the increasing pressure on our global healthcare system, discovery of new solutions in areas such as pain as well as underexplored areas is critical to us being able to meet the health needs of consumers today, tomorrow and in the future.”

To achieve this, RB invites partners who have expanded into unexplored territories such as digestive and metabolic health, microbiome, immunity, brain and cognition.

Nick Dougherty, Managing Director of MassChallenge HealthTech said, “Given the Commonwealth’s leadership on innovation and healthcare, Massachusetts is an ideal location to develop consumer health solutions to address pain. We already see great alternatives to traditional pain management through traditional and non-traditional methods, and I am confident this new partnership will foster many more.”

This collaboration is part of a wider global partnership drive by RB that sets up key health innovation hubs around the world to find solutions in health today, tomorrow and in the future.

Innovators who are keen to connect with RB can get in touch via technologies.idealink@rb.com and reference ‘MassChallenge’ in the subject line.


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