Innovation at RB

Led by consumers

Our approach to research and development is truly unique. Everything we do starts and ends with the consumer. For us, it’s about consumer-driven discovery – understanding consumers’ needs and discovering new ways to innovate and change their lives.

Our unique structure

Our global, well-connected R&D team features a diverse mix of different functions and specialities. Whatever the discipline, we work together from start to end, creating innovative, science and technology led solutions for healthier lives and happier homes.

Category R&D

Turn great ideas into products people love so we can grow and maintain our brands.

Regulatory Affairs

Deliver compliant and competitively positioned products to market.

Evidence, Consumer Safety and Medical Oversight (ESMO)

Ensure RB brands are safe, driven by medical insight and built on compelling clinical and scientific evidence.

3D & Packaging

Develop design ideas into innovative packaging, devices and manufacturing processes.

Innovation and Sustainability

Enhance the development process with innovative sourcing solutions, consumer insights and research, while ensuring we remain responsible.

Centers of excellence

State-of-the-art R&D facilities are essential for RB to deliver consumer-preferred innovations that support our growth in consumer health. Our R&D team is located across 35 different countries around the world and we have major R&D facilities in Germany, Italy, India, China, Thailand and the USA.  In 2018, we will open our newest Center for Scientific Excellence in Hull, UK.

Global network and partnership

We're at the center of a global network of expert individuals and organizations, all working together to create healthier lives and happier homes.

New RB products developed in 2015

We’re experts in the science of living. We combine practical application of science with behavioral psychology, to create products that make a difference to consumers’ lives worldwide.

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We work at the cutting-edge of research, regulatory and medical sciences, developing the biggest brands in consumer health.

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