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High impact, consumer-led research is at the heart of our purpose to support healthier lives and happier homes. Innovation doesn’t mean discovering new formulae; it means making a difference in people’s lives. We’re as scientifically driven as we are consumer-focused, but we put people ahead of particles.

Innovation at RB

Our culture of innovation and understanding of people's needs keeps us at the cutting edge of consumer health.

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We have a global network of partners at every level of the business helping to drive us forward.

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New RB products developed in 2015

We’re experts in the science of living. We embrace the fusion of technology, emotion and creativity to create products that make a difference to consumers’ lives worldwide.

Air Wick Life Scents

For 70% of consumers, air fresheners can smell artificial. We created the first constantly changing fragrances to give our consumers a true-to-life scent experience.

Durex Invisible Ultra Thin

Durex Invisible is the thinnest condom developed by Durex, designed to maximize sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection.

Amopé Electronic Nail Care System

Healthy looking, shiny nails perfectly complement a groomed appearance. We gave consumers a quick and easy way to keep their nails feeling and looking good.

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We work at the cutting-edge of research, regulatory and medical sciences, developing the biggest brands in consumer health.

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