Our Global Supply Graduate Development program unites several programs from around the Supply world, giving you a unique global career opportunity from day one. Whether it’s the United States, China, Germany, the UK, India, France, Poland, Spain, Mexico or any other country, we see you as a member of our global community and will develop you to be a leader of the future.

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Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:

Global exposure

From day one, no matter where you join us, you are a part of the global Supply community. Your mentor will work with you to build your future and your manager is there to make sure you're working on real projects. Your achievements are shared with a wider community and your aspirations are the only limit.

Global approach

Fresh talent is one of the most valuable assets in the company. We have several programs in Supply, all tailored to local specifics that are united under the Global Supply Graduate Development umbrella. This allows us to develop leaders of the future with a truly international experience.

Global career

When you join us your international journey begins. Your career can develop quickly. You will be given challenges and we would invite you to ask for more. Working in different cultures and areas of Supply Chain will allow you to see the bigger picture – a picture of the world.

Is the program right for you?

We are looking for internationally mobile, ambitious individuals who graduated up to two years ago and have a degree in Engineering, Science, Supply Chain Management or similar. Those who like to take on new challenges, ask for more and aspire to be leaders are a perfect fit.

What you will get from this program?


  • An opportunity to work in different locations for a truly international experience
  • Challenging projects
  • Regular assessments based on the same criteria all over the world
  • Development plans aligned with identified needs and individuals’ aspirations
  • Dedicated training program
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Exposure to senior management
  • Rotations that allow you to gain experience in different areas of the end-to-end Supply Chain

Grow with RB - Meet Andreza #RBGameChanger Brazil

North America - Supply NA Graduate Development Program

The 3-year Supply NA Graduate Development Program aims to grow a large percentage of tomorrow's top management from within and puts you in the spotlight from the very beginning. Each role you undertake will have specific on-the-job 'learnings', which are combined with formal training courses. In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, you’ll be expected to take on high profile projects to ensure visibility within the organization. There will be ongoing evaluation of your performance to determine progress, continuing development, and future roles and needs.

China Supply Management Trainee Program

It’s a 1-year adventure which aims to put you at the heart of a supply management team in 4-5 years. You will begin with an induction in Supply, Sales & Marketing, Finance and R&D. You will have opportunity to develop through 6 months of rotations in different departments before focusing on a specialized area. You will also have the chance to swap with other trainees or be given assignments in other RB entities, both domestic and overseas.

2 week orientation program in all functions (Supply/Sales & Marketing/Finance/R&D)
6 month rotations in different departments
One-on-one mentoring program
Quarterly review
On-job and off-job training

China East Management Trainee Program/ Shaolin Program

The ShaoLin Program is a 2-year program starting in Dongguan in China, which aims to provide a starting point for your potential. In your first year, you will rotate between teams, practice in key functions of the East Asia Sourcing Team. There will be further opportunities to take on global assignments within our Supply function, along with the chance to take part in exchanges with trainees from other countries during your second year. This fast-track program is tailored to develop trainees into the potential managers of tomorrow.

Germany, Hungary, Poland, UK - Lifeblood Development Program

The Lifeblood Development Program is a 2-year scheme which can start either in Poland or Hungary. You will have the opportunity to develop broadly through rotations, working on different projects or in different locations.

You will participate in a unique learning initiative called Lifeblood University. This is a training cycle where you have the chance to meet our senior managers who will explain RB specifics for each Supply function. This takes place in all four factories in Poland, Germany, Hungary and the UK and you will take part in a series of workshops to give you an overview of how our Supply Chain works.

Italy, Portugal, Spain - Fabric Care Cluster Program

This 2-year program can start either in Italy, Spain or Portugal. You will learn from all the departments of the factory: engineering, production, maintenance and more and get to experience the different factories in the Fabric Care Cluster. The second year of the program will take place in another factory in a different location, starting you on your way to a truly international career.

France, UK - Supply Chain Management Graduate Learning Program

This is a 2-year fast track program to provide depth of experience in Supply and gives participants the opportunity to work in at least three locations predominantly in the UK but also other parts of the world. There is also a chance to specialize in procurement or quality.

The scheme starts with a 1-week induction with all UK Graduates (Sales & Marketing, Finance and R&D) and then a robust 2-week Supply induction in Nottingham with an exciting factory simulation. There is also formal training for SCMGLP graduates organized twice a year and other development needs are driven by individual and placement requirements.

Latin America - LATAM Management Trainee Program

In this program you’ll have the great opportunity to work in a very dynamic environment, assuming real challenging projects with talented people to support your development. You will have the opportunity to work in different areas of Supply Chain, giving you the knowledge and experience to build a successful international fast-track career path.

Nigeria Supply Program

With this 1-year intensive program at RB, you are exposed to ‘real work’ from day one, and are actively engaged in your learning and development. Your ideas can be brought to life with support of your team mates. You’ll receive 2 weeks’ induction across business units, and 2 weeks' Supply induction.

South Africa - Graduate Program (GPS)

The scheme stretches over a period of one year, in which selected graduates will get the opportunity to work in various technical job functions. You will initially be based at our offices and factory site in Johannesburg. Formal training is organized throughout the year and is aligned with rotations and on-the-job learning.

Supply at RB

In RB we have a true end-to-end Supply Chain. It is formed by: Supply Services (Demand Planning, Customer Services and Logistics); Procurement; Manufacturing; Factory Planning; Technical (NPD/Packaging); Engineering; Quality; Supply Finance

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