Fast track to be the future leader

Our commitment to all who enter this program is to equip you with the skills and competencies to succeed in a global marketplace and enable you to one day become our finance leaders in RB.

Right from the start you’ll be given real responsibility. Throughout, you’ll take on a number of challenging and varied roles. To help you get to grips with it all, you’ll have a mentor who will provide you with all the support you need.

This is not just number-crunching. You’ll be working at the heart of our operation and your projects will be entirely business-focused. What’s more, you can expect the work to be both exciting and challenging. We operate in a fast-paced arena and to succeed you’ll need to be highly motivated and fully committed.

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Are you a Game Changer?

Each of us is unique but here are some character attributes we look for:


What you will get?

Grow faster than peers because you will have high autonomy and accountability from day one.

Financial intellect

The study of your accountancy qualification and getting experience in a diverse range of roles will provide you with the financial knowledge to challenge the status quo.


Being able to think innovatively and spot areas of development is critical in being a successful RB employee.

A global mind-set

The ability to see the world from a global viewpoint and have an awareness of different cultures and values affecting day to day financial decisions.

Management of complex relationships

The ability to manage relationships with diverse teams and customers from across the globe and deal with the inherent challenges.


Presenting financial information to colleagues and making difficult decisions for the best of the business.

Teamwork and collaboration

The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with diverse teams.

Learning agility

The ability to rapidly assimilate knowledge and develop understanding in order to quickly respond and adapt to new challenges, circumstances and culture.

About the program

  • A 2 or 3 year program, with several assignments in different functions.
  • Real responsibilities and clearly defined roles from day one.
  • Rotation assignments based on the delivery of real business objectives and targets.
  • Good mix of on the job development and off the job training.
  • A senior leader to be your dedicated mentor throughout the program.

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The immediate responsibility RB offers graduates is what drove me to join. In the two months I’ve been here I think I’ve had more responsibility than many other graduates would experience in a year. My Commercial Finance role enables me to focus on the commercial impact financial decisions and reviews have, and gain a wider understanding of the how the entire company operates.


I'm looking forward to gaining diversified knowledge during my rotations.


I most look forward to building the finance and commercial knowledge and expertise to enable me to become an RB leader. By taking full responsibility and ownership of my work, I’m keen to develop both personally and professionally.


Here I can make my future.

I can take my own decisions and be responsible for them – it makes me mature faster than colleagues in other companies.

Hierarchy is not something driven at face value and taking advantage of it, I present my ideas to managers and directors without fear of being wrong or mistaken.

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