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Mucinex, an OTC medication, started out as a product to treat chest congestion only. The brand has now developed into a range of cold and flu, and sinus congestion symptom relief remedies.

#1 Doctor Recommended Cold + Flu Medication (U.S.)

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When some of your worst symptoms hit you from all sides, Mucinex has a range of products to relieve your worst cold symptoms. With mucus busting power during the day and relief from your worst cold and flu symptoms at night there's a Mucinex with powerful medicines to help you feel better.

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Mucinex is always finding new ways to help fight symptoms that slow people down. Our team of experts work at the forefront of consumer health; find out what it takes to be on the team.

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Working with WebMD, the No.1 online health portal in the US, we mapped visitor search data for cold and flu symptoms against their location and time of day.

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