Creating a cleaner world

We are passionate about eliminating dirt, germs, pests and odors that impact health and happiness. The needs of global consumers are greater than ever. Increased urbanization has brought with it formidable health issues. The problems faced by communities in emerging markets have multiplied as families continue to grow and live longer. Societies are adapting to a new generation of conditions that require a new generation of solutions.

Our Hygiene Home portfolio is renowned for its industry-leading products upon which communities across the globe depend. Household names such as Lysol, Finish and Air Wick are at the top of their markets. In fact, 80% of our unrivaled portfolio of leading brands are either number 1 or 2 in their categories.


Our enviable portfolio of Hygiene Home Powerbrands boasts some of the consumer market’s most innovative new products designed for hygiene and the home, as well as current industry leaders. All are designed to provide families with the maximum protection, so that their homes can be germ-free no matter where they live.


Hygiene Home specifically focuses its resources on the unique needs of consumers wherever they live. From air pollution to domestic cleanliness, city contaminants to the hygiene issues faced by more isolated communities, we are able to match product with need as well as accelerate the growth of our unique Hygiene Foundations across the world.

Our disruptive and innovative approach to marketing created the categories that defined our industry and solutions that reflected the unmet home and hygiene needs of our customers.

Rob De Groot, President Hygiene Home

Centers of Excellence


Cutting edge facilities with the right environment to stimulate creativity and collaboration play a key role in innovation. In 2015, we opened the Global R&D Center of Excellence in Heidelberg, with these principles in mind. The laboratories replicate consumer dish-washing experiences around the world. The inclusion of kitchen-based evaluation facilities also allows direct consumer interaction ensuring innovations are truly consumer relevant. Our building is in the center of Germany's technical and chemical heartland and is part of Europe’s biggest urban construction project based entirely on sustainable passive housing standards.