Changing the world by helping people to lead healthier and better lives

We are dedicated to nurturing the health of families throughout the world. We protect them from disease, boost their immunity at every stage of their lives and allow them to take control of their own health and treat their own symptoms. Our aim is to both eliminate preventable diseases and utilize technology to empower consumers.

Our compelling Health portfolio includes: Hygiene, Wellness, Relief and Nutrition. All are designed to support our consumers throughout their lives – whether that’s prevention or treatment, within the health system or at home and work.

Health reaches closer to the needs of consumers worldwide. We are agile, intuitive and focused on creating products that truly transform lives at every stage of a person’s development. Investing in frontline developments and protecting everyone’s futures.


Our enviable portfolio of Health Powerbrands boasts some of the consumer market’s most innovative new treatments as well as current industry leaders. All are designed to provide families with the maximum protection, making us one of the world’s top global consumer healthcare companies.


Combining the power of medical science with a deep understanding of consumers. We are determined to disrupt by using new channels and platforms, entering into unique collaborations and utilizing the latest technology. With greater use of connectivity, we are able to help society’s most isolated, bring the most advanced healthcare innovations to far broader sectors of the population, and provide consumers with personalized treatments.

Dettol: Give Life a Hand

Centers of Excellence


The new R&D £105m Center of Excellence in Hull will soon be completed and will focus its energies and talents on creating new health innovations for consumers throughout the world. It’s an investment both in our company’s future and the future of science in the UK and is the largest single investment in the company’s history. Once finished, it will be one of RB’s biggest healthcare development centers complementing other major R&D facilities around the world.

Mead Johnson Pediatric Nutrition Institute

Our pioneering Mead Johnson Pediatric Nutrition Institutes in Singapore, China, and Mexico test and manufacture new equipment, make product development more efficient, and increase the speed of bringing innovations to the children who need them. From nutrition to healthy growth, breastfeeding science to allergies and rare disorders, our RB Health teams invest millions to make the lives of children throughout the world better, protect them from disease and give them the best start in life.

RB brands combat Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing public health concern worldwide. The inappropriate use of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections contributes to the development of AMR, and as many as 79 percent of antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory tract infections may be unnecessary (Scott 2007).