Improving health and hygiene through our products, behaviour and strategy

Our products make it easy for people, families and communities to live cleaner, healthier lives.

We continually innovate to find ways to make our products more sustainable – for example, by requiring less water, energy or packaging – while improving the quality of millions of lives. Equally importantly is to operate in a responsible and transparent way that helps foster trust and confidence in all our stakeholders.

Case studies

As part of our goal to have 100% of plastic packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025, we created a plan to phase out carbon black plastic by 2021.

Currently, bottles made from carbon black plastic are sent to waste because they can’t be detected by optical sorting machines in recycling plants. We have now phased this out from our Harpic and Finish brands.

We will never solve the global plastics challenge alone. To make a difference we need to work closely with others – governments, not-for-profits and industry associations, as well as our retailers, suppliers, consumers and peers. Our partners include The Ellen McArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy which is a cross sectoral group developing common solutions to drive circularity with plastics.

Another example is our ongoing collaboration with Veolia. Our first project involves the new packaging for Finish Quantum, which now contains 30% recycled plastic and is proudly grey to avoid additives. A team of 20 experts from RB and Veolia are also working to improve recycling collection systems to help consumers sort their recycling at home.

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When it comes to laundry cleaners, consumers have historically had to choose between efficacy and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. However, we have launched a new range of natural cleaners, Botanical Origin, which perform just as well as conventional products.

Instead of using petrol-based cleaning agents, the brand has found and chosen botanical sourced ones, with Botanical Origin’s unique NatureClean formula comprising up to 95% botanically sourced ingredients, that ensure equivalent performance.

For Veo, our new probiotics cleaning brand in the US, we talk as much about what’s not in it, as what is. The 99% biodegradable formula is free from chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, phosphates, and disinfectant chemicals – and uses active probiotics similar to the live bacteria you can find in supplements for gut health.

In Veo, the probiotic bacteria works on dirt for up to three days, with less environmental impact than traditional chemicals. Veo’s bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and its sleeve can be easily removed so that the bottle can be recycled again.