Ensuring freedom, dignity and justice for all

Everyone has the right to live a healthy life with dignity, freedom, equality, justice and peace so they can reach their full potential. At RB, this includes our customers, employees and people working in our supply chains. Our policy sets out our human rights commitment and minimum standards for labour, health and safety, environment and business integrity, which are closely aligned with the Ethical Trading Initiative and the conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

We are continuing to develop a more expansive framework for social, environmental and economic impact throughout our value-chain. We understand that protecting human rights goes beyond working with our direct suppliers to include collaboration with governments, NGOs and other global corporates, and partnering with global initiatives and forums.


Of RB facilities complete an annual self-assessment of human rights and responsible business compliance


Management level employees completed human rights training. (88% in 2018)


Audits of suppliers completed in 2019

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Human rights and responsible business throughout our value chain

Read our Insight to see how we are ensuring human rights are realised in our supply chains


Case studies

In 2019, we ran a pilot Transport Driver’s Safety and Wellbeing workshop in India. This was due to a growing understanding of the social issues associated with road transport throughout our supply chain. Truck drivers in India often have a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDs, suffer high levels of stress associated with long hours and have limited job-security.

The project attempted to help improve these areas, focusing on vehicle safety, drivers’ health and wellbeing and financial wellbeing. The workshop included all five third-party distribution centres and our major transport contractors. The workshop was well received and we will roll the programme out fully in 2020.

Our purpose is to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world, so it’s critical we act with full respect for all the people in our value chain. To achieve this, we are increasing our focus on integrating the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) into our organisation and have partnered with the Danish Institute for Human Rights to support us with this journey.

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This resulted in 35 recommendations to improve our day-to-day activities. We also conducted a country-level assessment on our human rights impact in Thailand. This focused on the value chain of Durex condoms and infant formula, and we plan to publish the report in March 2020, sharing our learnings and how we plan to prevent and remedy adverse impacts with other priority markets.


We play a leading role in the AIM-Progress global sustainable sourcing forum of top FMCG manufacturers and suppliers.

This year we co-sponsored their Responsible Sourcing Forum in São Paulo, Brazil, meeting with almost other 300 companies. We are also an active member of the Consumer Goods Forum, working with other leading brands, manufacturers and retailers who share a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

As an active member, RB works with other leading brands, manufacturers and retailers who share a commitment to social and environmental sustainability.