Putting health and safety front and centre of our operations

Our people are at the heart of our success and we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment at all of our 236 sites worldwide. Our own global standards set the bar in this critical area, even where they exceed local requirements, and we are proud of the progress we have made, reducing incidents across all our sites.

We are also doing all we can to enhance our people’s wellbeing at work, focusing on staff engagement and behavioural aspects of safety, as we create a healthier, happier and safer workplace.


Reduction in lost work day accident rate since 2012


Reduction in total recordable incident frequency rate since 2013


Of all manufacturing sites covered by OHSAS18001

All except three of the sites we acquired in 2017 were certified in 2019. These three will be certified in 2020.

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Health and safety

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Case studies

Our manufacturing sites regularly hold safety days to raise awareness, as well as intensive training to ensure that we are prepared. At our Hull site, an active and fun-packed day included learning how to put out fires, first aid basics for work and home, and a safety quiz.

An initiative this year was the ‘Invasion of the Phone Zombies’ – where people showed the dangers of walking around absorbed in their mobile phones instead of paying attention to the environment around them. This has become a real hazard and is something we’ll be focusing on more widely in the coming year.

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In June 2019, a group of colleagues from our R&D department joined forces to compete at the National Rescue Championships in Barczewo, Poland. 32 teams entered, with RB one of the few companies to send a contingent to compete against Polish firefighters and emergency responders. The weekend of challenges tested a range of skills, from medical aid for stroke victims to emergency response to mass accidents.

Our first team won the company classification, performing strongly across a range of activities, eventually finishing 17th overall. RB also took home a prize for their rescue of a victim whose legs had been crushed in a dark and smoky room. The weekend event reinforced our commitment to health and safety across our facilities and the performance of the team reflects the success of this.

In April, children from a nursery in Poland visited our R&D department to learn about chemistry. Our employees organised a lesson where they performed several experiments, before the children were then able to get involved – protected with lab coats, gloves and lab goggles of course.

They were then given a tour around the R&D Department. An additional eco-lesson occurred in November, with more pupils learning about how RB products work and how to work safely in a laboratory.