Protecting, engaging and developing our people

RB’s purpose unites us all: to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner and healthier world. Our employees have the freedom to succeed through our values – it’s our people who bring our unique culture to life.

And as our people take us forward, we have a responsibility to ensure we build a fair and inclusive culture and an environment where our people's safety, health and wellbeing is the priority. We also want to achieve great things with our community, supporting all our different stakeholders and helping people to make everyday changes that can have a transformative impact.

Diverse group of people put their hands together

Our people

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At RB, we strive to create the environment that gives our employees the Freedom to Succeed. Freedom is in our DNA and shows in our bold approach to working and winning together. By introducing the Freedom to Succeed value proposition, we wish to embolden our people to win at both a personal and professional level while finding purpose.

This is a narrative of collaboration and unity, focused on people’s stories and what its really like to work at RB, striving together to create a healthier and happier world.

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At RB, gender equality throughout our business is more than a moral imperative, it’s good for business. We have imbedded this concept throughout RB, from our hiring policies to our leadership development programmes. We have also set ourselves the ambitious target of 40% of women in senior management positions by 2022.

We have two key initiatives to help us succeed: our DARE programme and the Accelerate leadership development programme. DARE aims to Develop, Attract, Retain and Engage talented women, and positively supports work-life balance, dual careers and international mobility. The Accelerate programme includes three-day workshops where female leaders build upon their strengths and develop strong support networks to develop their careers

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Our manufacturing sites regularly hold safety days to raise awareness, as well as intensive training to ensure that we are prepared. At our Hull site, an active and fun-packed day included learning how to put out fires, first aid basics for work and home, and a safety quiz.

An initiative this year was the ‘Invasion of the Phone Zombies’ – where people showed the dangers of walking around absorbed in their mobile phones instead of paying attention to the environment around them. This has become a real hazard and is something we’ll be focusing on more widely in the coming year.

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In 2019, we ran a pilot Transport Driver’s Safety and Wellbeing workshop in India. This was due to a growing understanding of the social issues associated with road transport throughout our supply chain. Truck drivers in India often have a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDs, suffer high levels of stress associated with long hours and have limited job-security.

The project attempted to help improve these areas, focusing on vehicle safety, drivers’ health and wellbeing and financial wellbeing. The workshop included all five third-party distribution centres and our major transport contractors. The workshop was well received and we will roll the programme out fully in 2020.