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Managing Sustainability

Sustainability at RB is governed by our corporate responsibility framework, which comprises our Vision and Values, our Code of Conduct, core Group policies, control arrangements and reporting.

The Board has overall responsibility for sustainability and corporate responsibility and undertakes a formal review of environmental, social and governance matters at least annually. The Chief Executive Officer has specific responsibility for sustainability policies and performance. The Category Group Director - Innovation & Sustainability coordinates the sustainability programme on a day-to-day basis.

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Identifying material sustainability issues

We used the Accountability’s 5-Part Materiality test and the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Implementation Manual to help us identify the most material sustainability issues affecting RB and its stakeholders. Sources included:

  • Issues identified through our existing policies and commitments and by internal stakeholders
  • Employee and consumer sustainability surveys
  • Reviews of key customer, NGO, competitor, peer, regulatory and trade association sustainability concerns
  • Interviews with key partner organisations
  • A literature review to identify the key sustainability megatrends likely to affect RB
In 2014, we prioritised issues using the following criteria:

1. Potential to impact RB’s business:
a) Risks or opportunities from an issue (including potential for long term or short term impact, the likely severity and business criticality of impacts)
b) RB’s significant economic, environmental or social impacts

2. Importance for stakeholders, determined by:
a) Stakeholder perception of RB’s impacts on the topic
b) Expectations regarding transparency on the topic
c) Diversity & range of stakeholders interested in the issue

This materiality assessment process will be carried out annually.

Key issues with potential to have material impacts on the business

Our policies and reports

RB is governed by a corporate responsibility framework comprising the Code of Business Conduct plus policies, control arrangements and reporting. We report our progress on an annual basis, both in the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report. Click below for PDFs.

For more information on governance and our Corporate Responsibility Framework, please refer to the Sustainability Report.

Code of Business Conduct
Policies Guidelines & Management Systems Local Implementation
Product Safety Policy Global Ingredient Guidelines

Global RSE services

Group Quality Assurance / QMS
Regional / Local Implementation
Regional / Local QMSs
Occupational Health & Safety Policy Group OHSMS Region / Sub-Region / Site OHSMSs
Environmental Policy Group EMS Region / Sub-Region / Site EMSs
Global Manufacturing Standard Policy GMS Detailed Requirements

RB Supplier Sustainability Guide
Regional/Local implementation and complliance monitoring
Responsible Sourcing of Natural Raw Materials Policy Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Natural Raw Materials

RB Supplier Sustainability Guide
Regional/Local implementation and compliance monitoring
Animal Testing Policy Corporate Implementation RSE animal testing minimisation procedure & control arrangements
Group Finance Manual Financial & Human Resources

Global Policies & Guidelines
Regional / Local Policies & Guidelines
Whistleblower Policy and Contact Numbers
Applies to any and all functions / departments / activities
Local contact can be made, which is kept confidential. Matters are dealt with in confidence centrally at Global HQ
Anti-Bribery Policy
Corporate implementation Guidance
Area/regional/local implementation


Regulatory, Safety & Environmental services group

Quality Management System

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Environmental Management System
  • Lysol
  • Mucinex
  • Frenchs
  • Airwick
  • Nurofen
  • Vanish
  • Durex
  • Clearasil
  • Dettol
  • Cillet Bang
  • Strepsils
  • Scholl
  • Gaviscon
  • Mortein
  • Woolite
  • Veet
  • harpic
  • Calgon
  • Finish

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