Scaling your
business with RB

We understand how difficult it can be for small business owners and entrepreneurs to know where to start when looking to take their company to the next level. We’re here to help.

As a market leader with global reach and capabilities, we can help you innovate, scale your products and drive business growth in as little as 12-18 months.

Scale your business

How can we help you grow?

We’re truly committed to our partners and work closely with them to make new products a success.

We encourage them to use us as consultants on all levels and coach them for success. With a portfolio of global, trusted brands, we have a proven track record for doing just this.

As a partner, we can offer:

  • Global market access and expertise
  • Leading research and development capabilities
  • World class procurement and supply chain
  • Expertise in medical, regulatory and consumer science
  • A proven track record in bringing innovation to market at speed

As a multinational business, RB is able to provide support in key areas for company growth, including product development, access to supply chain partners, marketing expertise, consumer insight, research and product testing. A nimble partnership can deliver a product to a new market within as little as 18 months.

Dave Evendon-Challis, VP Innovation

Understanding your needs

Working alongside Enterprise Nation, we developed the ‘Pivoting Your Product’ report to better understand how small to medium business enterprises (SMEs) find opportunities to take their products into new markets and overcome potential barriers to make this a reality.

As painful as it may seem, sometimes first start-up ideas are not the ones that will deliver success. An important factor for new entrepreneurs is the ability and willingness to change their business model or product mid-stream but it’s not always easy to know how to do this.

Pivoting your product

Our research found that UK businesses keen to pivot their products are aware they need the right support; however, they can be slow in securing it.

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78% of UK SMEs plan to scale and
grow, both domestically and
internationally, over the
next two years

66% of UK SMEs would
consider partnering with a
multinational organisation to
scale their business or take it
in a new direction but have
not yet done so

77% More than three quarters of
UK businesses plan to drive
growth by repurposing
their existing products

86% of UK SMEs do not know
where to start when it
comes to seeking
corporate partners

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