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Our brands


AirWickAir Wick is a leading player in global air freshener market.

A true pioneer, launched in 2008, made the category alive with its step changing innovations like Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Spray, Air Wick Electrical Diffuser, and Air Wick Airfresh spray.

Air Wick believes in brightening up your world with its wide range of pleasant fragrances.


CherryIn the Indian shoe-care market, Cherry Blossom is the leading brand. This iconic shoe-care brand has been associated with “Cherry” Charlie advertising since 1980’s. Cherry Blossom in India, has an entire range for shoe-care namely Wax Polish, Liquid Shoe polish, Canvas cleaner and a sponge shiner called Handyshine.

“Did you Cherry Blossom your shoes today?”


ColinColin is a leading Glass & Household cleaner, which makes cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces and appliances a breeze. It is the number one player in the glass cleaner category.


DettolDettol: an iconic brand has stood for “trusted protection” in India since 1933. The brand is endorsed by the Indian Medical Association and has been voted consistently as one of India’s Most Trusted Brands (ORG Marg Brand Equity Survey) since 2002. Today multiple product offerings of the brand Dettol touch the consumers in many more aspects of personal and home care in their daily lives.

Consumers use Dettol in multiple ways and the brand has grown with introductions in synergistic segments like Bar Soaps, Liquid Hand Wash & Hand Sanitiser.

The Dettol Antiseptic Liquid has been a household name for the family mainly used for first aid and personal care uses. Expanding the portfolio we have Dettol soaps, easy to hold and in four variants including Dettol Original, Dettol Fresh, Dettol Cool and Dettol Skincare. Dettol liquid hand wash provides 10 times better protection and Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer assure us of 99.9% germ kill, rinse free and ideal for the entire family.


DisprinDisprin, one of the world’s first stable soluble analgesics, is a fast acting formulation of Aspirin.

Disprin an international brand is now available in over 70 countries and has been synonymous with effective analgesia.

In India, Disprin was launched nationally in 1977. It has been a leading analgesic brand since then.


Easy Off BangEasy Off Bang with its range of Multiuse Power Cleaners offers a complete solution for a variety of cleaning needs across surfaces, be it tough stains or Daily Dirt. It boasts of a unique powerful formula that removes variety of stains across different surfaces that ordinary cleaners, detergent or phenyls can not remove even on rigorous scrubbing.

For removing tough stains, pour Easy Off Bang directly over affected area and remove the toughest of stains with minimum effort. For removing daily dirt, add Easy Off Bang to a bucket of water and remove dirt with ease. Its unique formula retains power even when it is diluted thus removing stains with ease.

It has two variants: Easy Off Bang Lime & Grime Multiuse - that can be used both neat and diluted. It removes tough stains like Hard Water Marks, Soap Scum and Daily dirt with ease. Easy Off Bang Degreaser - that is very effective in cleaning tough Oil & Greasy stains in the kitchen and around the home.


FinishFinish is our brand of Automatic Dishwashing. Due to its excellent performance, all Finish products carry the endorsement of leading dishwasher manufacturers across the globe.

Finish Detergent for cleaning the toughest stains, Finish Rinse Agent which prevents water spots and streaking for a brilliant shine and Finish Special Salt which removes water hardness that has a negative effect on the dishwasher performance results.


HarpicHarpic is the leading lavatory care brand in India. Its product range in liquid toilet cleaners consists of Harpic Power Range, Harpic Fresh Range and Harpic Bleach. Harpic Power Range is available in 3 variants- Harpic Power Original, Power Rose and Power Orange while Harpic Fresh is available in 2 variants- Pine and Citrus.

Harpic is also present in Automatic Block segment with Harpic Flushmatic (In the cistern toilet cleaner) and the recently launched Harpic Hygienic (In the bowl Toilet cleaner).


LizolLizol is the No.1 disinfectant floor cleaner in India. Since its launch in 1997, Lizol has become the gold standard in disinfection.

Lizol has 3-in-1 cleaning action - 99.9% germ kill, unique formulation for removing the toughest stains and fresh new fragrance for your entire house.

It is available in four fragrances – Pine, Citrus, Floral and Lavender.


LizolMortein is one of India's leading pest control brands that stand for "Trusted Protection" against disease causing pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats etc. It has an entire range of effective mosquito repellent products in India, namely Mortein Coils, Mortein Liquid and Mortein Aerosols.

Recently Mortein launched the new Mortein PowerGard range of Coils, Liquid Vaporizers and Aerosols.


StrepsilsStrepsils is the world's leading sore throat medicine. Trusted by consumers and pharmacists alike, the brand is now present in over 100 countries. From its inception as a sore throat gargle in 1950, the range has grown to a wide range of lozenges giving consumer the choice they require in treating their sore throats.


VanishVanish was launched in 2005 in India. This global brand, effectively removes tough stains such as tea, coffee, ink, fruit, ketchup etc, which are difficult to remove by detergents alone. Also it works on removing stains from both colored and whites, and delicates without any worry of damage.

The brand was re-launched in 2010 with new powerful formulation. It has 10 times more active oxygen and a stain lifting formula. Bollywood star Sridevi is the brand ambassador.

Its powerful ingredient ‘Active Oxygen’ gets released in water and penetrates fabric to remove even tough stains, leaving the fabric cleaner and brighter without any excessive scrubbing or brushing. In addition to regular laundry, Vanish works well on delicates, Sports Kits, Curtains, Baby clothes, Tablecloths, Towels, etc.


VeetVeet is an example of a successful innovation in the depilatory category. Veet hair removal cream was launched in 2004 in a market where there had been little innovation for several years. Veet has two variants in India – Veet Hair Removal Creams and Veet Wax Strips.

Veet hair removal creams come with international ingredients to give best care for different skin types; double moisturizers for greater consumer satisfaction. The VEET Ready–to-Use wax strips were launched in 2009. All Veet products feature Veet brand ambassador, Katrina Kaif.

The most recent launch is Veet Suprem’ Essence reformulated with a blend of beauty oils and new velvet rose fragrance for a smoother experience.


Dry skin (xerosis) is common and can get worse with wearing open-back shoes, increased weight, or increased friction from the back of shoes, prolonged exposure to water. Dry cracking skin can also be a subtle sign of more significant problems, such as diabetes or loss of nerve function (autonomic neuropathy). Krack cream is an antiseptic cream that relieves severely damaged and cracked heels. It is fortified with the power of 7 herbs trusted in Ayurveda. Krack cream repairs and relieves dry skin disorders such as rough and cracked heels, chapped hands, fissures and chilblains.


To treat mild cracks & hard heels, Krack Soft Heel Gel contains power of the 7 herbs with kokum butter that hydrates, soften and smoothes the heels, thereby giving younger looking baby-soft heels.


To treat chapped, dry and uneven toned feet, Krack Radiant Foot Moisturiser contains the power of 7 herbs with milk and honey that protects and even tones thereby giving radiant sandal ready feet.


ItchGuard cream provides fast relief from itching. It contains clotrimazole which acts as antifungal and menthol which soothes the skin and gives a cooling effect.

Itch Guard cream provides fast relief from: 

  • Jock Itch (Dhobi Itch)
  • Itching & rashes
  • Infections between toes & fingers
  • Itching at waist area, folds of inner thighs, buttocks, underarms and underside of breasts


ItchGuard Powder is an absorbent dusting powder or medicated prickly heat powder with unique ‘Soothing Absorbing Maintenance Therapy’ which absorbs excessive perspiration and soothes the skin. It is also fortified with clotrimazole, an antifungal, which helps fight against skin problems like prickly heat, itching, rashes and skin infections.

Apply ItchGuard Powder to get fast relief from: 
  • Prickly heat i tching & rashes at armpits, chest and waist 
  • Other fungal infections due to excessive perspiration


Prolonged exposure to water, humid environment and excessive heat, results in a skin affliction called ringworm, commonly known as 'Daad'. RingGuard cream provides fast relief from ringworm and other skin infections. It has double action formula - having active ingredients like miconazole nitrate which acts as anti-fungal & neomycin sulphate which acts as an anti-bacterial.  

Ring Guard cream provide fast and complete relief from:

  • Ringworm 
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Other fungal skin infections
  • Skin infections caused by bacteria


Stopache is an analgesic and antipyretic tablet that ensures fast relief from headache, toothache and an aching body. It has an effective formula that contains paracetamol (acetaminophen) 500 mg and caffeine 50 mg.


Moov is a backache specialist. The specialised ayurvedic ‘Fast Pain Relief Formula’ with the power of nilgiri oil contains other active ingredients such as tarpin oil, oil of wintergreen and mint flowers. Moov penetrates deep inside, produces warmth and helps you recover fast. Moov is also available in an aerosol spray. Ideal for consumers with hectic lifestyles, prone to recurring backaches, they can now avail of instant pain relief by means of a spray. This spray is convenient and easy to use. The New Moov Neck & Shoulder with its unique ‘Anti-inflammatory System’ acts fast to reduce swelling & inflammation and thus relieve pain. Moov Neck & Shoulder is fortified with the power of ‘oil of wintergreen’ and ‘diclofenac’ which act fast to reduce inflammation and relax the strained muscles. Moov Neck and shoulders is a non-greasy formula with a pleasant fragrance.