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Qingdao Durex factory

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London Rubber Company was established in 1915. The trademark of Durex, a nearly 100-year history brand, was registered in 1929 by this company. Qingdao London Durex Co. Ltd. as the currently world biggest condom manufacturing site, was established as a JV in 1998. SSL group bought out China part stocks in 2007, when it became a sole corporation. As SSL group was acquired by RB in 2010, it became the wholly-owned subsidiary under RB group.

There are over 1000 employees and 19 production lines in Qingdao London Durex Co. Ltd. The products are sold to over 20 countries or regions such as China, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, UK, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Middle East, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkish, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

It has gained ISO 9001 ISO9001 Certificate, ISO13485 ISO 13485 Certificate, Kite mark and CE mark, NF Regulation, ISO 14001: OSHAS 18001: OSHAS18001, China CCC , SABS Certificate, etc.
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