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Your career path can be unique

We don’t believe in overly formal career routes as we don’t want career development to be restrictive.

But equally we all want the chance to achieve our career aspirations, however high they might be. The information below is a general view of the route your RB career might take in any one function, but it is not a prescription and is simply intended to give you an overview. Anything's possible at RB.


Entry Level Professional

This stage includes graduates. Expect to take on at least two roles at this level as you gain experience across your function.

Typical roles include

Finance Analyst; Sales Representative; Assistant Brand Manager; Manufacturing Supervisor; HR Advisor; System Analyst; R&D Assistant.


Expect to gain more senior experience in at least two roles covering different areas of the function. You’ll also begin to build up strong people management experience.

Typical roles include

Key Account Manager; Brand Manager; Finance Accountant; Purchasing Manager; Senior HR Advisor; Senior Business Analyst; R&D Associate.

Middle Manager

At this level you will also need experience across roles. Cross functional and international experience can be important here.

Typical roles include

Trade Marketing Head; Senior Category Manager; Finance Manager; Senior Manufacturing Manager; HR Manager; IS Manager; R&D Manager


You’ll need an impressive regional and functional track record, as well as significant people management experience. International mobility is usually essential at this level.

Typical roles include

Sales Director; Global Brand Market Manager; Finance Controller; Plant Manager; Regional HR Director; Regional IS Director; R&D Director

Senior Director

You’ll now have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the business. At this level we’ll expect you to make an impact on a larger stage almost certainly have experience of at least two markets in your career.

Typical roles include

Global Sales Director; General Manager (country); Global Category Director; Regional Finance Director; Supply Director; Specialist Global HR Director; Area IS Director; Category Group Director R&D.

Senior Executive

At this senior level the career path is fluid and reflects the level of business impact you could have anywhere in the world.

Typical roles include

SVP Global Sales; Regional Director; Global Category Officer; SVP Finance; SVP Purchasing; SVP HR; SVP R&D.



Sales is fundamental to our success – we strive for, and deliver,continual growth for the business. This means increasing both our net revenue and our market share. We see strong business planning and the best in-store sales execution as keys to our success. Driving this success we have global and local teams working closely together in a highly organised environment.

Career development in sales means learning all the skills you need to deliver results through retailers. This will probably mean development roles in all areas of local and global sales, as well as some time in marketing. A clear career path can take you from local roles in field sales, trade marketing and key account management, to global sales at head office, and then beyond. Longer-term, your career will be heading for Sales Director, then a Country General Manager.


Every marketer here has an unquenchable thirst for finding out what ourconsumers think on a daily basis – then they develop simple solutions. Each country has its own brand portfolio and while smaller local brands are under the direct control of that country, our key global role is tomanage the priorities of our 19 global Powerbrands. Our work includes developing and delivering above-the-line campaigns,creating the innovation pipeline, working with consumers’ groups, maximising international brand equity, sharing learning worldwide andmuch more.

We’re a consumer-centric company and our Marketing teams form the core of our future leadership. However, ‘pure marketing’ doesn’t fit with our strong commercial focus – a typical career path in Marketing will always include some overlap with Sales. This ensures that our country general managers of the future are well prepared to deliver on the full range of commercial challenges they will face.

A Marketing-focused career will typically see you join as a commercial graduate trainee in a local business, moving between Sales and Marketing, from a Brand Manager up to Category Manager, then perhaps into a global strategic role in head office (a global brand market manager for example). From one or two roles at this level, we would expect you to be able to prove yourself able to step up again to be a Marketing Director of a country and eventually, we’d hope, a Country General Manager.

Supply Chain

Our key internal clients are manufacturing plants, for the components and services; marketing, for a supplier base to contribute to our innovation process; and R&D and packaging development for technical support. We work with local strategies and global brands to maximise margins and drive down costs. This drive to reduce costs is built in, with successful programmes such as Squeeze and X-trim constantly looking at ways to drive out any unnecessary costs from the chain.

Your career will develop across five key areas: manufacturing, quality, supply services, engineering and purchasing. Expect to take on roles in more than one of these areas for each career stage. By the time you reach managerial roles, international exposure will be essential. This career path is designed to create high-potential senior managers with an understanding of the business that’s as broad as it is deep.

Information Services

We focus our business on two key areas, to help us respond to change quickly and to proactively improve the business. Our Systems Solutions team deliver global solutions that support our business initiatives. Working hand-in-hand with the project team, they are able to deal indepth with strategic initiatives and evolve these by providing ground-breaking technical solutions.

Our production teams focus on the core need to deliver and maintain our global systems. With a thorough understanding of capabilities and technology, they are able to implement localised ideas that make our business as effective as possible.

Building a career here involves exposure to different areas of the business but there are no set routes to obtain the skills and knowledge you’ll need. This means you can enjoy a highly flexible career path. Analytical ability is crucial - you’ll always be able to balance the technical challenge against the business benefits it will deliver. At a fundamental level, your career path will be similar to those above, taking into account the two key areas within IS – Systems Solutions and Production.


Our local finance teams are responsible for accounting, providing business support and guidance, and helping to manage local profit and loss accounts. Local finance also includes roles supporting the business teams such as supply, sales and marketing.

In global finance, teams can be either specialist or generalist. Specialists are experts in areas such as tax, treasury, M&A, legal, investor relations and internal audit. Our generalists are responsible for either compliance & control, or for business planning and support. As a generalist you should expect to move between global and local functions as your career develops, which means international opportunities are available over the long-term.

Like our other functions, a successful career in Finance will involve delivering in a spread of generalist entry level positions, to broaden your fundamental skills and experience. Moving upwards from here, the most promising talent take on roles across Sales, Marketing, Supply and Financial Accounting teams.

The career path is broad but still clear and once qualified you will have the opportunity to prove your capability in roles through Manager, Controller, Country Director, Regional Director and ultimately Area Director or Senior Vice President level. We encourage international mobility at all levels, and - like all career paths at RB - you’ll find it becomes more important the more senior you become.

Research and Development

R&D has a multi-disciplinary role at RB. The global R&D team is made of 6 different functions with responsibilities spanning Health, Hygiene and Home.

Category R&D is the core of the function with the responsibility of turning great ideas into products, with unique and motivating claims, that people will love. With primary focus on our Powerbrands the teams are located in 7 technical centres across the globe.

Global Regulatory Affairs help us navigate the complex health, hygiene and home environment – not just to comply with rules and guidelines but also to remain competitive, create opportunity and access for consumers and build trust.

Clinical & Medical Affairs defines and implements the clinical and medical strategy for the development of products in our Health portfolio in order that we conduct robust, top class studies that generate market leading consumer claims.

Engineering & 3D are the link between the R&D category teams and manufacturing for some of our most technically challenging products and they have primary responsibility for creative solutions to develop innovative packaging and devices.

Sustainability, Consumer Sciences & Sourcing work alongside the category R&D teams in order to enhance the development process with innovative sourcing solutions, consumer insights and research, world class fragrance & flavours in addition to driving RB global sustainability program – betterbusiness.

Scientific Services Group take responsibility for products once they are launched. Based in more than 25 locations across the world, they partner with the local supply and marketing teams in order to continue to protect and grow the business.

Are you are keen to be at the heart of the fastest growing company, with a growing R&D presence around the world?

In order to come and shine in the dynamic world of RB research, regulatory and medical sciences a scientific or engineering background is essential and if your experience is in FMCG or healthcare then so much the better.

Consumers are at the heart of everything we do at RB and therefore the focus is not only about research but about applying your technical skills to develop new products that bring a real consumer benefit in months not years.

RB is looking for both new talent to join our R&D graduate program and also experienced professionals who can bring their technical knowledge and expertise and apply it in our unique working environment of high autonomy and accountability.

Progression at RB can be fast for individuals who see opportunities rather than obstacles and strive to achieve their best. RB is a rewarding place to work for those talented individuals who want to develop their technical expertise across a diverse range of products and a broad range of solutions, to advance new ideas that help millions of consumers around the world.

A career in R&D can be varied as result of the diverse functions in the team. Those that are Game Changers will progress to managerial roles with responsibility for a team of people then on to director and global director positions.

Human Resources

Our global HR leadership team is the strategic centre of HR. This team is made up of functional and specialist directors who set the overall mission and direction for the long-term. The local HR teams are based across the globe - they are responsible for delivering the global strategy whilst managing the local needs of a country.

A typical career might see you beginning as a trainee or associate, then broadening your skills to show how you can take on one or more HR manager roles, supporting manufacturing and commercial sites or even a specialist local function. Beyond this level your talents and international mobility will see you move into a more strategic role, heading the HR function for a small country or regional specialism.

The most important traits you can bring us are commercial acumen,ability, and a desire to influence leaders. You’ll need to engage everyone from factory operators to finance directors, so creativity andan ability to put across your point based on logical reasoning are vital.

From here, and depending on your leadership skill set, you could become HR Director of a country, then of a region (eg Eastern Europe) or global function (eg sales) and eventually head of an area (such as Europe) or specialism (eg Compensation & Benefits). The final and most senior step in the HR career path is the Executive Committee role of Senior Vice President of HR.
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