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Information about RB for interns and students

Internships and placements at RB

Thinking about the future can be a daunting prospect but one way you can get a taste of your potential career opportunities is by doing an internship placement.

There's no such things as a typical RB internship – in an organisation as fast-paced as ours, every day is different – but here are some key skills you may need, taken from a selection of intern role descriptions:

  • Proven ability to work independently and deal with all organisation levels
  • Ability to compile and analyse data
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible, adapting quickly to changing circumstances
  • Expect responsibility, challenges, rewards – all much sooner than you would anywhere else

Where's your next internship opportunity?

Take a look at some of the opportunities available and the right time to apply.
Country When to apply
Australia July–August
Bosnia Herzegovoina  All year round 
Brazil September/ April
France & Belgium January/ June
Germany All year round
India Apr–Jun
Korea April/ September
Poland All year round
Serbia  All year round 
Spain & Portugal  All year round 
Turkey All year round
UK All year round
USA Sep–Nov, Jan–Feb

Want to apply for an internship?

If you'd like to register your interest in an internship at RB, you can send a speculative CV to us through our intern contact form or use the RB job search to see if there any positions available.

You can also use the form if you wish to apply for a specific internship or work placement that you have seen advertised on a different site or on campus.

Examples of internships you could do at RB

Manufacturing Engineer Intern: responsible for analysing and improving operations to more effectively use people, materials, machines, and facilities

Logistics Intern:
support and complete Transportation analyses and reporting for logistics facilities

HR Intern: responsible for providing entry level HR Generalist support to our Human Resources Business Partners, support projects associated with recruitment, training and compensation and benefits

What's it really like being an intern at RB?

Meet Devina, Lydia and Rizkia, all Scientific Services Group interns in Indonesia:


Our employees' blog also has lots of insider knowledge about what it's like starting off your career or getting work experience at RB. 

Take a look at just a few of the blogposts by people on RB internships.

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